Navarre Entertainment Media to Distribute Valley Entertainment DVD-Audio

Navarre Entertainment Media are to distribute Valley Entertainment’s DVD-Audio titles, which include those released on the DTS Entertainment label.

Navarre Corporation also announced that its Entertainment Media division will become the North American distributor of no less than six additional labels, including the UK’s Sanctuary Group (Noise and Rough Trade), Evangeline Records, JSP Records, and Snapper Music, while newly signed home-grown American labels include Riviera Entertainment and Ace Records (including the BGP, Big Beat, boplicity, Cascade, Chiswick, Globestyle, Kent and Southbound imprints).

Valley releases will continue to be distributed by Navarre Entertainment Media under the Valley Entertainment identity and its sub-labels DTS Entertainment, Hearts of Space, AudioQuest, Honest Gold, NYNO and RGB.

Navarre Entertainment Media Senior Vice President, Steve Pritchitt commented, “These new labels offer the Company a great roster of artists, valuable catalogue and new emerging formats such as DTS 5.1 and DVD-Audio. We are proud to welcome these imprints to our family of labels and anticipate great success with both the traditional and new formats they represent.