NAD T587 ?850 Blu-ray player


Remember the days when you couldn’t find a Blu-ray player for under $500 dollars? Well NAD hopes to bring you back to those golden days with it’s ?850 T587.

1080p, Profile 2.0, Ethernet and HDMI ports, are all things you will find in the T587, if you pay the insane price that is. Featuring the ability to play pretty much every media disc you can throw at it, DVD-R/RWs CD-R/RWs, DVD+R/RWs, and of course Blu-rays. But is that enough to justify it’s price?

How about it’s DVD upscaling capabilities, or BD-Live capabilites? No? Well, if you are one who wants this thing, it’ll be on sale in the UK this December for ?850 or $1,300. Yowzers.

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Picture via EngadgetHD