NAD T 747 and T 737 AV Receivers

NAD Electronics unveils two new AV receivers, expanding the availability of latest high definition receivers at consumer friendly prices. The T 747 and T 737 possess everything needed to form the centerpiece of a high-definition Home Theater.

Both boast satisfyingly realistic audio, top-notch video, NAD’s highly refined user interface, numerous advanced features, and superb build quality. Unlike brands that inflate their power ratings to impress the unwary, NAD’s Full Disclosure Power ratings clearly spell out the receivers’ capabilities under real world conditions.

Both receivers use less than one watt for standby power consumption, in keeping with NAD’s green initiative, and no heavy metals or hazardous chemicals in their manufacture. The T 747 and T 737 AV Receivers are available from authorized NAD dealers at suggested prices, respectively, of $1,299 and $799

(Source) eCoustics