NACSound Sonance Omni Speakers

Sonance, the Italian company announced the release of the latest high performance Omni loudspeakers. Some people want their speakers to hide somewhere. Sonance loudspeakers make their presence by brilliant design and therefore you would love to pamper yourself at their sight. Made from ceramic, aluminum, wood, and carbon-fiber materials, the Omni Speakers inherit the company’s patented omni- and multi-directional speaker technologies.

Shawn Sugarman, President of Sonance said, “Sonance is focused on providing elite custom AV dealers, their clients, and interior designers with the widest array of loudspeaker design solutions. We are excited to include these truly extraordinary loudspeakers from NACSound as an expansion of our offering of visually appealing, high-performance loudspeaker solutions. Through this partnership, Sonance now offers a complete range of high-performance architectural loudspeaker solutions, from our invisible Sound Advance speakers to our Architectural Series, featuring truly flush-mount and trimless in-walls-and now these stunning, hand-finished sculptural icons from NACSound.”

Via: Sonance