MyTV 1.0 beta Streams TV to your Media Center

Thanks to the companies like MyTV that make Media Center friendlier. MyTV 1.0 beta version software lets the users run online streaming TV directly on their Media Center. Users can change the appearance at their whims and fancies. Not only this, they can also add channels via remote control or mouse. You can even create categories for channels or add RSS feeds for all channels. Wow! Isn’t it great?

Now let us see how it works:

  • Register for free to get benefited from the latest Service.
  • Login to your account at
  • Click on MyTV Settings in the menu perched on the left
  • You will see a new window pop up letting you to administer and configure your Online MyTV account

Also don’t forget to download MCL file and adding it to the media center.

Follow any of these two steps and check whether Windows Media Center can access the MCL file.

  • Place a shortcut to the file or place the file itself in the C:userscurrent userAppDataRoamingMedia Center Programs folder
  • Add your MCL file to C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsMedia Center

Enjoy watching your online TV content.

Via: MyTV