MV220HB TFT LCD Monitor


FCC recently approved MV220HB TFT LCD Monitor for sale in USA. MV220 features a 22-inch flat surface (Color Active Matrix TFT LCD) with pixel size of 0.285 mm (H) x 0.285 mm (V) for ultra-precision, 1680 x 1050 maximum resolution, frequency 30~80KHz horizontally and 56~75Hz vertically. It is compatible with IBM PC and Apple Macintosh. Supporting DDC the LCD Monitor has a Plug & Play mode for instant ON/OFF. Thanks to the component input that lets the users enjoy movies and video game with high-definition display (max.720p). Because of power saving function, the MV220HB TFT LCD consumes less than 48W in power in ON mode, less than 2W in stand by and 1W in power off. There is no word on the price and availability yet. Sostay connected for updates.

Via: FCC