MSI Unveils Multi-Touch WindTop All-in-One PCs

MSI Korea has lifted the covers on a couple of new multi-touch enabled all-in-one PCs in the WindTop Series. Four models are under this new line which include:

  • 20-inch ‘AE2010′
  • 21.5-inch ‘AE2200′
  • AE2220
  • AE2400

The AE2010 comes equipped with an AMD Athlon(1.6GHz) processor while the AE2200 is boasts of an Intel Dual Core E5400(2.7GHz) CPU. The other two (AE2220 and AE2400), are based on an ION platform adopts 16:9 display which should be neat to experience better HD videos and 3D games.

No word though on the actual pricing and if they would be made available in other countries.

(Source) Aving