MSI R4600 HDMI Series Video Cards

For people who have taken up converting their PC to a home theater server solution, here is a potential device you can add to your setup. MSI have announced a new video card range, the R4600 HDMI series, which as the name would suggest all support native HDMI. The MSI R4600 HDMI cards output full 1080 high-definition together with 7.1 surround sound, as well as supporting Unified Video Decoder 2.0 to offset digital decoding from the main system CPU.

MSI is positioning the R4600 HDMI series as ideal for media center PCs, requiring only 75W of power and no separate PCI-E 12v power supply. They should be quiet, too, using solid state chokes which prevent high electrical frequencies that can cause background buzzing.

Most of the cards use fan cooling, but the MSI R4650-MD512Z has a silent heat-pipe system. No word on pricing, but expect them to take up in the mid-range market.

(Source) Slashgear