MPJ-101 LCOS Compact LED Projector from Adapt

Pico projectors you want? Well we have one more to show you but I’ll have to warn you, this tiny little thing doesn’t come cheap. You will need to fork out $996.78 for this MPJ-101 LCOS Compact LED Projector. The Adapt projector comes with 1GB of built in memory, and SD slot, two 0.5Watt speakers and it can project 640×480 images from 6 to 50 feet away. Brightness you ask? 10 Lumens coming from those white LED lights. Size? 125 x 55 x 23mm. Probably you have enough info to make up your mind already. But do you absolutely need to pay that price for this tiny projector during these economical hard times?

via geekstuff4u