Movie Gallery Post Mortem-Eaten Alive By Redbox

Well, folks…guess the new order of the day in the business world is: If you can’t beat ‘em, whine to anyone who’ll listen about how they destroyed you.

From Movie Gallery court documents:

“…the cannibalization of rentals by DVD-dispensing kiosks operated by Redbox, which offer low priced rentals and convenience”

Oh, how dare they? How DARE they!?  How dare they offer low priced rentals and convenient return policies!  Especially when we were making so much money using tactics better suited to 1985!

If Movie Gallery actually BELIEVES this then they deserved to fail.  I’m sorry, and I don’t wish it on them, but they knew they were getting their lunch eaten by a company that offered low priced rentals and convenience, so why didn’t MOVIE GALLERY turn around and offer that?  Why did Movie Gallery keep foisting off seven dollar rentals on us for five days?

Seems like they caused more than a few of their own problems, really, but hopefully this bankruptcy proceeding will help them get their act together.