Motorola’s Set-Tops To Feature Dolby Volume Technology

HNM_DCX3200-M_front_top_w Of late, Dolby Laboratories, Inc. and Motorola, Inc. announced that Motorolaa€™s industry leading cable set-top portfolio will now feature Dolby Volume technology. The innovative volume technology will allow users to control volume level and maintain consistency across channel changes and commercials.

The unique Dolby Volume will be featured on Motorolaa€™s DCX family of set-top boxes. It can also be updated in the currently available DCX3400 HD-DVR and DCX3200 HD set-tops through cable networks. Dolby Volume is part of a complete suite of Dolby technologies that addresses issues regarding loudness.

Senior Director, Tom Daily of the Broadcast Segment, Dolby Laboratories says, a€?We are extremely proud to have worked extensively with Motorola in realizing Dolby Volume in their cable set-top boxes. Dolby Volume is a key component to Dolbya€™s overall set of technologies that address loudness.a€?

Via: Motorola