Motorola S10-HD headphones gets repackaged as a DROID product

I was hoping that we had done a review or even a small snippet on the S10-HD Universal Stereo Bluetooth Headphones. I guess that is no matter, because after the jump you will see the repackaged Droid version.


These wireless headphones are capable of high definition audio via the Bluetooth range, and they have said that they are sweatproof as well.

This might be the first time that I have seen any product being marketed toward Droid users. I guess we are really growing, and I usually don’t see App and its iProducts being marketed in such a manner. I’m not certain what other product will have the official Droid branding on it. Perhaps a Bluetooth headset or some other needed smartphone accessory.

All in all, this rebranding has changed the price. It used to be $79.99, but you can see the price tag in the upper right corner of the product that states it is $99.99.