Motorola DreamGallery

Motorola invents new TV user interface

TV and set top box user interfaces aren’t known as the most advanced UIs in the world, in fact, they’re often very high-tech, and usually quite cluttered with all sorts of useless information.

Motorola now tires to fix that up with its new and innovative TV user interface. The UI, dubbed “DreamGallery”, is powered by the Motorola Medios cloud service, and its design is based around the modern web browser and online page. For instance, you can browse through content, bookmark it, share with others, search for stuff, and so on. Not only that, the DreamGallery TV user interface brings together the TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, and other devices and connects them via the cloud. So what you watched on your TV during breakfast, you can continue watching on your phone on your train ride to work. For more details and to see it in action, check out the video above.