MOON CP-08 Multi-channel Preamplifier / Processor

Simaudio Ltd. recently expanded its MOON Evolution series with the launch of MOON CP-08 Multi-channel Preamplifier / Processor. The amazing quality preamplifier offers high level of sonic purity and sound quality. The device is a result of high level of HD digital audio and HD video decoding technologies

The integrated HDMI 1.3a input and output, 6 assignable digital audio inputs, AM/FM tuner, serial IR ports and RS-232C connections adds to the ease of connectivity. The preamplifier features XM Satellite radio ready, RIAA Phono Section (MM) input and HD Video Circuitry using 12-bit/216MHz encoders/decoders.

The control panel is hidden which enables you to setup without a remote control. The processor comes equipped with full-function programmable remote-control with a touch screen. The simple to operate MOON CP-08 is priced at $18,000.00 and will be available in October, 2008.

Via: Press