Monster Releases New Super Thin HDMI Cable

Cabling has always been a problem for households and now that home theater setups are blossoming and growing in demand, you can imagine the cable management issues they have to deal with. There will be accessories and alternatives but the real issue here is not to sacrifice quality entertainment by turning to organizer-friendly components.

As far as connectors for flat panel displays, Monster unveils a new super think HDMI cable. These new cables are specially designed for use with a wide variety of electronics devices, ranging from today’s super-slim flat-panel TVs to digital video cameras, home theater systems, gaming systems or portable computers.

Here are the varied specs and pricing for these new cables from Monster:

  • Digital Life SuperThin High Speed Powered Cable for HDMI (SRP) 4ft. $89.95, 8ft. $99.95 and 16ft. $119.95.
  • Digital Life SuperThin High Speed Powered Cable for camcorder; Mini HDMI to HDMI 8ft. (SRP) $99.95.
  • Monster’s Core Line of SuperThin Powered Cables for HDMI 1m $79.95, 2m $89.95 4m $99.95, 5m $119.95.

(Source) Press