Monster mcx-2s



When all is said and done I quite like the Monster MCX-2S wire. I like the added excitement and vivacity and I like the smart Monster construction for its durability and strength.

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Monster MCX-2S: Clear and Lively Sound

This is great wire for softer sounding systems as it will go a long way towards perking up the overall sound quality.

Monster Cable Products are the ones everyone is always after. They have become one of the most talked about manufacturers around the world and for good reason.

I would have found it hard to deduce from the outside packaging of the MCX-2S cable that I would embark on such an explosive audio experience when this cable was plugged into my home theatre system.

However it must be said that it’s important to realize that the quality of sound you can experience from these cables are only as good as the speakers they are hooked up to.

These Monster MCX-2S cables are of the highest quality speaker cables due to Monster’s famous MultiTwist construction. This construction is made from the ultra-tight winding of conductors that results in enhanced sonic performance. This in turn leads to a greater amount of noise reduction throughout the entire bandwidth. When combined with Monster’s newPEX dielectric it provides for improved signal transfer and offers lower dynamic noise leading to a higher level of music realism. To put it simply: use these and get fantastic and accurate sound. Period.

When these were plugged in and a great jazz CD on the player, it sounded like I was there in the studio session with them. It was an amazing experience!

One of the interesting facts about the Monster MCX-2S speaker wire is the magnetic flux tube that is found in each conductor that controls much of the distortion producing magnetic fields. This helps in producing constant dynamic soundstage quality output. The flux tube technology works on the principle of a single bass conductor for low frequencies and a separate mid or high frequency network. In fact, this not only increases the bass range and makes it more dynamic but it also makes that range more dimensional while providing excellent imaging.

The fantastic technology and convenient sizing make the Monster MCX-2S ideal for most stereo systems. This includes everything from home theater systems to remote speakers throughout the house.

Technical Info:

Preterminated: Yes with Pre-terminated with Monster Lock Master Pin

Networks: Separate bass and high frequency networks

PEX dielectric: Yes

MultiTwist Construction: Yes

Magnetic Flux Tube: Yes

MSRP: $75

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