Monster introduce first Speed-Rated HDMI Cables in the world


Monster, the pioneer in the market of high-end cables, accessories and power conditioning products, is proudly introducing world’s first and only speed-rated HDMI™ cables with the accompany of “Need for Speed” education campaign help for clarifying consumer confusion about the quality differences and benefits of speed-rated HDMI cables. There are five different steps of HDMI performance, which includes Standard Speed, High Speed, Advanced High Speed, Ultra High Speed, and Ultimate High Speed. The Ultimate High Speed cable is named with Monster’s M1000 HD. Ultra High Speed cables are named with Monster’s M850 HD, MC 1000HD and U3 V1000 HD. Advanced High Speed cables are meant for advanced color and lossless audio. High Speed cables are name with MC 700HD and U3 V600 HD which are meant for high definition picture and sound at an affordable price. Standard Speed cables come with the model name of MC 500HD and U3 V500 HD which serves the purpose of entry level high definition connection for HDTV buyers on their limited budget. There will be the facility of Monster Speed Medallion System and Performance Bars on the package which will provide the consumer all of the cables in the Core, Monster Ultra Home Theater and M Series line clearly identified.

Via: Businesswire