Monster cable 14-gauge in-wall speaker cables



This Monster speaker wire is durable and tough and this is important when it comes to threading it all through the house. This wire also sounds great and is safe to use in the walls of your home, so there are not even any safety issues to be concerned with.

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Good Sound From Monster Cable 14-Gauge In-Wall Speaker Cables

Monster 14 gauge speaker wire is durable wire that is approved for use in your walls and that can produce clear and clean sound anywhere.

Signal transfer troubles are a way of the past when you use Monster Cable 14-Gauge in wall speaker wire. You can get it in all different sizes including 100 ft. to suit any installation needs. I love this wire, it is durable and strong and it’s UL-approved for use inside the walls of your home and it’s THX-certified as well.

The audio that you get through the use of this in wall speaker wire is fantastic. The signals are never lost and you will probably be impressed by the lack of outside, miscellaneous noise. Many wires bring in all kinds of noise but you just don’t realize it until it’s gone. And even when you do notice it you probably figure it is coming from the source when in fact it’s from the wires used in installation. These Monster cables use a high quality, high-purity copper that keeps everything sounding clear and fresh.

I love the EZ-Strip rip cord that Monster has used, this makes removing the jacket ultra easy and not messy at all. I was able to take off just what I needed without any little hangnail type of flaws left behind. Nice. This in wall wiring even has those handy dandy sequential footage markers, this is great for math challenged people like me. It made measuring with this wire so much easier not to mention a lot faster.

The smooth outer coating on this wire helped to keep it tangle free and when I was installing with it, it never got caught on anything, not once. It went through the walls like butter, I was very impressed.

This is strong wire that you can use all throughout the house because it has been approved for in wall use.

Monster Cable 14-Gauge in wall speaker wire is easy to use and safe and the sound you get is stellar.

Technical Info:

Gauge: 14

UL rated: Yes

THX certified: Yes

Copper: High purity

Twisted pair construction: Yes

Quick jacket removal: Yes with E-Z rip cord

Footage markers: Yes

MSRP: $75

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