Monsoon Presents The Vulkano All-In-One Media Streaming Box

Recently, Monsoon unveiled a new addition to its HAVA product line called the Vulkano. This media streaming box sports an integrated video processor and local storage. It’s designed to handle HD video through its analog inputs to provide recording and live streaming to other devices such as PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and upcoming Blackberry and Android players. However, the device can also convert recordings into downloadable content through Wi-Fi or 3G and store them on other devices for off-line viewing as well.

Furthermore, the Vulkano features remote scheduling, channel changing functionality and access to internet videos from sites like YouTube and streaming provides such as Hulu, Netflix and Google TV. In addition to this, widgets and a full HTML browser are also being offered as firmware updates in the near future. Thus, the Vulkano is available for pre-order on Amazon and the product’s official website. Right now, the media streaming box comes with versions ranging from the Vulkano with 8GB of SD card storage for $279 to the Vulkano Pro with 1TB eSATA HDD for $379 and other models of different sizes will be available in between.