Moneual Lab MonCaso 972 HTPC Case

Moneual Lab recently launched a HTPC case MonCaso 972 with a 7” touch screen monitor and remote control. The 17” wide, 18.5” deep and 6.75” high HTPC case houses all your components leaving a clean and neat look for your room. The Standard ATX motherboard makes it rugged and strong enough to perform effectively.

The volume control knob and media control button makes it easy to operate by anybody. The touch screen features an aspect ratio of 15:9 and a resolution of 800 x 600. The External D-sub Video Input, Internal USB touch screen input, USB2.0 connectivity, media card reader, mic and a headphone jack adds to the versatility.

The case is Win 98, XP, ME, 2K and Vista compatible. Available in black and silver color, the company is still tightlipped on the price of the 16.6lbs weighing aluminum case.