Moderro Announces Web 2.0 Cloud Computer


Moderro has proudly announced the availability of Xpack web 2.0 Cloud Computer, which is first in a new-fangled production of web thin clients. The pioneering desktop provides users the better navigation through open browser windows with thumbnail performance on the bottom of the screen.

Xpack desktop comes with small and silent hardware, which is enough powerful to perform any required web 2.0 application. The unique design supports a VESA mounting option and allows the unit to be increased on the back of the LCD display.

"PCs and PC-based networks have become incredibly complex due to layer after layer of software and legacy compatibility, which ultimately has to be managed," said Dan Itkis, Vice President of Moderro Technologies. "With the industry on the brink of a transition from desktop to internet computing, Xpack Desktop hits the sweet spot of the market with the feature set appealing to organizations looking to contain their IT costs and drastically reduce the complexity of their computing environment, while retaining the flexibility, manageability, and richness of web applications."

Apart from these stunning features, the Xpack web 2.0 cloud desktop also supports in-built security slot, conventional cooling design, advanced power-saving technology and software-driven power-management functions.

The Moderro Xpack cloud computer is available in limited quantities now, and its general availability is scheduled for November 2008. The Xpack computer cost starts $395.