Mitsumi Electric invented a Chip That Cant Be Eaten

If your TV is ready for an upgrade, due to poor picture quality, but your not ready to purchase a new one, Mitsumi Electric’s inexpensive new idea, may be what you are looking for. They are leaders in the industry for manufacturing controllers for video game consoles and have turned their attention to creating an IC chip (not made from potato), that can dramaticaly boost, LCD TVs overall image quality.

The new MRFX-0001, when positioned on the image processor or the scaler chip of the TV, greatly improves (as seen in the photo) the color, white balance and sharpness of pictures. Immediately, the revoluntionary chip, instantly restores sharpness to images, emphasizes people’s flesh colors and the richness of forest green colors. The chip is compatible for pictures with full HD resolution and with a frame rate of up to 60fps. Mitsumi’s first orders of IC chips will be delivered to China and Taiwan based makers of inexpensive LCD TVs, by the end of the year.