Mitsubishi XD221U Classroom Projector

Education and learning today has taken a new twist with the application of visual aids. And among the notable devices that you would now see in most schools would be that of classroom projectors to help students raise their grades with various visual aids.

While other schools are saving and focusing on purely being able to visualize presentations on screen, Mitsubishi offers the XD221U Classroom Projector that offers a rich combination of audio-visual features that makes teaching more effective with technology that is easy to use.

Mitsubishi’s XD221U is designed with two separate 3.5mm audio inputs and a special built-in audio mixer so the projector can simultaneously project audio from two sources, such as a DVD and a third-party wireless microphone.

Unlike any other projector available on the market today, the XD221U’s “Audio Mix” feature allows users to adjust the volume levels of each input for its 10W built-in speaker. With this uncommon configuration, an instructor can orally interject key points during a presentation and be heard over the video.

(Source) Press