Mitsubishi wd73838 Television Review-Breathtaking Grandeur

I actually really enjoy talking about Mitsubishi televisions, mostly because I see so few of them. Sony, Sharp, Samsung…these I see all the time. Mitsubishi? Not so much. And that’s why I’m pretty excited to be talking about the Mitsubishi wd73838.

The Mitsubishi wd73838 is a seventy three inch 1080p LED television that offers Internet connectivity with wireless capability, 3D capability (you’ll need to get glasses and suchlike to make this a full system, but it’s ready when you get the components) six color processor (with PerfectColor and PerfectTint to improve the images) and DeepField Imager, advanced video calibration that tunes the picture to its best possible appearance, a sixteen speaker stereo system with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround and dynamics limiter, four HDMI inputs, three component / composite video inputs, an Ethernet port, one stereo audio output, one digital coaxial audio, two USB ports, and a variety of picture format modes.

They put a lot into the picture on this one, and leaving aside the sheer size of it for a moment, it’s patently unbelievable. It’s incredibly clear and sharp, and of course, that massive seventy three inch display would make even a substandard picture look pretty well amazing. And listening to sixteen speakers at once is a pretty interesting experience too–not my first time with this kind of setup but still, very interesting.

Out at Best Buy, they’re looking to get twenty eight hundred dollars out of one of these, and frankly, I can’t blame them in the least. You may not be interested in dropping a down payment on a car on a television (even a house in some cases) on a television, but if you do, then you’ll be downright amazed by this.

The Mitsubishi wd73838 may cost an arm and a leg but it’ll do surprisingly well as a television. It’s priced like a winner and it’s got the quality to match.