Mitsubishi WD60C9 Television Review-A Real Surprise

Today we’re going to take a look at something a little on the strange side, a projection TV from Mitsubishi, the Mitsubishi WD60C9.

We don’t usually get a look at projection stuff because the industry has been kind of moving away from that in favor of plasmas and LCDs and OLED and whatnot, but I spotted this one at an area Best Buy and figured it was well worth taking a look.

The Mitsubishi WD60C( is a sixty inch 1080 DLP television that offers 3D readiness (something I don’t hear much about either!), a six-color processor, three component video inputs, three HDMI inputs, a kind of plug-and-play technology called Easy Connect Auto Input Sensing and two ten watt speakers.

For those who remember my earlier article about DLP, if you’re planning to watch a lot of brightly-lit movies and television–like explosion-heavy action movies–then a DLP system is a good way for you to go.  Indeed, the picture on this one was pretty bright and lifelike.  The sound was also passable, but chances are you’ll hook this to a home theater speaker system anyway, so this isn’t as big an issue.  The controls are hidden in an rather unusual fashion, though; not Samsung unusual, but unusual nonetheless.

And the price isn’t even half bad for such a large television; Best Buy wants a thousand dollars even for this.  The Mitsubishi WD60C9 is a surprisingly nice model and offers loads of great value.