Mitsubishi WD-65835 Rear Projection HDTV



With its 65-inch (diagonal) screen, the Mitsubishi WD-65835 is the second from the largest set in Mitsubishi’s full-featured Diamond line. But it’s a lot lighter and more maneuverable than you might expect.

The set offers a full array of the usual video and audio connections. Plus, it includes the increasingly common USB port for viewing your JPEG photos. There is no RGB computer input. You can only connect a computer via a digital link to one of the HDMI jacks.

The Mitsubishi offers three picture mode options: Brilliant, Bright, and Natural. Each of these modes is individually adjustable and adjusts for each input as well. There are only two color temperature options (High and Low), a video noise control, SharpEdge (on or off), and a control called DeepField Imager (on or off). Mitsubishi says this acts as a dynamic contrast control.

A PerfectColor feature (also separately adjustable for each input) offers both saturation and tint adjustments for each of the primary and secondary colors. While a color-management system such as this should ideally include a third control (intensity) for each color, the Mitsubishi does not. When set up correctly (which means only with precision test tools), a good color-management system can produce an accurate color gamut.

The multi-component remote is backlit and well laid out but does not offer direct input selection. However, the onscreen menus are straightforward. It lacks reverse navigation—that is, you can’t jump from the top of a menu to the bottom with a single push of the Up navigation control.