Mitsubishi WD 60737 Review-Surprisingly Nice But Not Perfect

Sometimes you can see a really beautiful TV, and discover there’s a lot more to it than you imagined.  The problem, of course, is that what you don’t see isn’t always good.  That’s the case with the Mitsubishi WD 60737; read on to see why.

The Mitsubishi WD 60737 is a sixty inch 1080p DLP system that comes 3D ready and includes three component inputs, three HDMI inputs, and a six color processor for better color and even better whites, which technically isn’t a color so much as it is every color at once.

Anyway, there were a lot of surprises with this one.  The image quality wasn’t a surprise–it was about as beautiful as highly-processed DLP could make it, and the hidden control panel on the set was also very nice and easy to use.  But where the surprises kicked in was that this thing isn’t as thin as it looks.  In fact, it’s actually got a lot behind that screen, if you take a look behind it.  And what’s stranger, the sound on this sucker isn’t that nice, odd for a set of this clear quality.  But they’re probably expecting you’ll use all those inputs to hook it up to proper speakers anyway, so what’s the difference in the long run?

But still–for a TV that retails at about thirteen hundred bucks, I expect a little more than a nice picture.