Mitsubishi RDT193WM-S Monitor


Mitsubishi’s latest RDT193WM-S Monitor is not as pretty as the BenQ V2400W Monitor. It is okay if you just like classic look instead of that modern feel. Here is a 19-inch Monitor by Mitsubishi Japan. It belongs to the Diamond Crystal Collection. It offers automatic brightness control in the IV mode.

Mitsubishi RDT193WM-S Monitor features resolution 1,440?900 dot (WXGA+), indicatory color number approximately 1,677 ten thousand colors, built-in stereo speaker, contrast ratio 1,000:1 (CRO operation 2,000:1), brightness 300cd/ square m and angle of visibility both top and bottom/left and right 160 degrees.

For connectivity it supports HDCP correspondence DVI-D and equips the mini- D-Sub15 pin. It will start shipping from May 16th in 2 colors black and white at an approximate price of 37,800 Yen.

Via: Mitsubishi