Mitsubishi New Blu-ray players

It seems like Mitsubishi is going full forward with all sorts of home theater products like the 5? WVGA color TFT LCD module and the HC9000D 3D Home Theater Projector.

Today, Mitsubishi has announced that it is unveiling three new Blu-ray players. These players have what is in demand now with 3D Blu-ray, BDXL, AVCREC, and VOD support.

It also features some remote controls that are very interesting as they are dual-sided. One side is there to control the TV, while the other does the DVR controls. This looks a lot like the ones we have seen from Samsung Boxee. I’m surprised there isn’t a better name for them than “dual-sided remote”.

These are probably identical in features, and the are the DVR-BZ450, the DVR-BZ350, and DVR-BZ250. The differences between them is the memory is 500GB to 2TB. They are due out in Japan on May 31st. I don’t see any reason why these TVs can’t make it to North America or Europe.