Mitsubishi MDT521S Monitor

At outdoors, most of us are sure to see commercially placed LCD monitors used to carry advertising and promotional media. While we see a lot of them made by marquee names in the LCD manufacturing industry, you are bound to see another new product from Mitsubishi Electronics as it has announced its 52-inch MDT521S LCD monitor in the market.

“Our new 52-inch monitor is very elegantly designed with a contemporary metal finish and advanced features that make it cost-effective and ideal for corporate lobbies, high-end retail stores and malls, and other high-profile public spaces,” said James Chan, senior director, product marketing, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America’s Presentation Products Division.

With the advertising needs of most companies shifting to advanced means of promotional mediums, this new LCD monitor from Mitsubishi is certain to be an option. Mitsubishi’s MDT521S is one of the first monitors to offer both front and rear ambient light sensors that gather data on lighting conditions in two areas.

The monitor has a brightness control feature that interprets the readings and automatically adjusts and balances image brightness for optimum viewing, regardless of the brightness of the ambient light either in front of, or behind, the monitor.