Mitsubishi MDT221WG LCD Monitor

mitsubishi-mdt221wg-lcd-monitor.jpgMitsubishi is back with a bang in the market with the introduction of its new Viseo MDT221WG LCD Monitor. The monitor comes in 22-inches of wide screen size and measures about 509.8?156?404.4mm externally.

Designed in a stylish and compact shape the LCD weighs just 6.6kg and would be well matched with any kind of surrounding. Furthermore, it’s loads NTSC ratio approximately 92% of wide color gamut panel and RGB color improvement technology to get better color specification and modify the influence to the picture with black insertion.

The monitor sports a resolution of 1,680?1,050, contrast ratio at the time of 1,000:1 (CRO operation maximum of 2,000; 1), brightness 300cd/m2. For all those who want to buy this MDT221WG LCD Monitor model from Mitsubishi, there is still no word from the company on the pricing and its release date in the market. So, stay tuned with us till our next updation.

Via: Mitsubishi