Mitsubishi LVP-XD510 Projector

.Mitsubishi recently announced the release of the latest LVP-XD510 Projector based on DLP ® (DLP ® single chip plate) system. The Projector features Synthetic color separation time-sharing Optical system, 4:3 aspect ratio), Pixels 786,432 pixels (1024 ? 768) ? 1, Projection lens Zoom Manual (1.2 times), Focus adjustment Manual, Focal Length F = 18.4 ~ 22.0mm, F value F2.5 ~ F2.8, Brightness 2600lm, Contrast ratio (all white / black Game) 2000:1 and Audio Mono 2W. The LVP-XD510 is priced 312,900 yen.

Via: Mitsubishi