Mitsubishi LT-55265 Television Review-Good For The Price

And it’s back into the Magnolia camp to talk about another great Mitsubishi set that will make your movies and TV shows look and sound terrific, but will cost an arm and a leg so to do.  Today we’re talking the Mitsubishi LT-55265, and it’s huge, beautiful, and almost terrifyingly expensive.

The Mitsubishi LT-55265 is a fifty five inch 1080p LED television that offers Internet connectivity for easy access to the variety of content options available online, edge-lit LED backlighting, a six-color processor with PerfectColor, x.v.Color and PerfecTint, ten picture modes, five video modes, an eighteen speaker Dolby Digital speaker system that represents 52 watts of power, four HDMI inputs, two component / composite inputs, a DVI / PC audio input, three stereo audio outputs, a subwoofer outpout, a USB port and a digital optical audio output.

The picture and sound quality here are both patently astonishing (you remember the last time you heard about a fifty two watt speaker system in a television?  Neither can I!), and that shouldn’t be a surprise for anything that’s part of the Magnolia line.  Even the price is at least reasonable, after a fashion–you may pay three thousand dollars for this out at Best Buy, but for a system like this?  That’s reasonable.

So if you’re not worried about cost in the slightest then take a look at the Mitsubishi LT-55265, a huge television that will keep you immersed for days.