Mitsubishi LT-52149 LCD HDTV

At a glance, the Mitsubishi LT-52149 LCD TV looks like a typical LCD HDTV. And if you are in the market looking for a new one, seeing the same features will normally lead you to settling for the ones with a familiar brand name. However, the Mitsubishi LT-52149 LCD TV offers something different and it comes in the form of the Sound Projector Technology.

This set’s marquee feature is Mitsubishi’s Integrated Sound Projector (iSP) technology. It uses sixteen 1.6-inch (diameter) drivers with audio processing to simulate a conventional 5.1-channel surround sound system. To function properly, the system depends on wall reflections, and its controls let you tailor it to your listening space’s dimensions.

(Source) Home Theater Mag