Mitsubishi LT-46148 LCD HDTV

Mitsubishi offers another possible LCD HDTV solution for the consumers who are studying their options in the LCD HDTV market. The Mitsubishi LT-46148 LCD HDTV is part of their current line of 1920×1080 displays up for customer options that carries the following features:

  • Black cabinet finish with swivel stand
  • Auto-sensing inputs
  • Back panel – 4 HDMI 1.3 with Deep Color, X.V. Color and Simplay HDMI certified, 2 component video (input 1 supports optional composite video and 2 is component only), 1 composite video or s-video (input 3)
  • Side Panel AUX Input – component video or composite video and USB Photo Port (JPEG files)
  • Accepts 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 1080p24 frame
  • serial RS232 port
  • All video inputs support analog left/right audio
  • HDMI L/R analog audio inputs (assignable)
  • RCA digital audio output (internal tuner and video inputs)
  • Antenna 1 main and Antenna 2 aux for NTSC, DTV, analog cable, QAM cable 64 and 256 (Clear QAM)
  • Fairly good size remote that was comfortable in the hand, easy to use and includes an orange backlighting button providing great clarity to read the buttons in the dark
  • SD aspect ratios – standard (16:9), expand, zoom, stretch plus, narrow (4:3)
  • HD aspect ratios – full native (1:1 pixel mapping), standard (16:9 with marginal over scan), wide expand, zoom
  • PC aspect ratios – Centered 1:1 pixel mapped centered output 4:3 and 16:9, zoom (fills out screen), reduce for 1080p only
  • Plush 1080p internal scaler
  • Smooth 120 Hz LCD Video Processing
  • Backlight Adjust
  • WCG-CCF back lighting, Wide Color Gamut – Cold Cathode Fluorescent for accurate color
  • 10-bit digital video processing
  • CEC HDMI control

If you are looking for some good performance, accuracy is not required and you will not be ISF calibrating, then this display is worthy of your consideration. That represents 90% of the market who have never heard of the concept of video standards much less video calibration.

Indeed, this display has much to offer because with a few control setting changes, the factory calibration is not that far off, representing one of the better factory imaging responses available.

Price: $2,099.00

(Source) HDTV Magazine