Mitsubishi LT-40164 Television Review-Smaller Model, Smaller Price Tag

A couple days ago, you saw me tackle the Mitsubishi LT-46164 television here, and I was reasonably impressed with it.  Thus, it’s not likely to be much of a surprise to the astute readership that you’ll find me only slightly less impressed by its smaller cousin, the Mitsubishi LT-40164, which is today’s review target.

The Mitsubishi LT-40164 is a forty inch 1080p LED television that offers Internet connectivity for easy access to a wide variety of original content, built-in Wi-Fi to make that connection even easier, EdgeEnhance systems for better images at the edges of the picture, DeepField Imager for enhanced black levels, a sixteen speaker Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system built in, Bluetooth connectivity, two component/composite combined inputs, a center channel input, four HDMI inputs, a stereo audio output, a digital audio output, and a USB port.

While the picture is about six inches smaller than its larger predecessor, it’s about the same quality of picture.  And the sound quality appears unchanged across the models, as does the control setup.  But where you’ll really see a difference is in the bottom line.

Best Buy wants seventeen hundred bucks for the Mitsubishi LT-40164, and that’s pretty fair for the smallest large television in this kind of quality.  So if you want Mitsubishi quality without a truly huge price tag, consider the LT-40164.