Mitsubishi LCD-40MXW300 Full HD LCD TV

Mitsubishi Electronics announces its latest addition to its LCD TV MXW series with the LCD-40MXW300 Full HD LCD TV. The LCD-40MXW300 features a 40” screen with a resolution of 1920×1080, a digital TV tuner, 2 x 10W loudspeakers and the usual A/V connections. But the real eye-catcher here is that this LCD TV can reportedly consume 147 kWh annually. It also boasts of Diamond VI (High Resolution images) and DIATONE technologies (quality audio) for better entertainment. Lastly, an eco meter module is also present to advise you when to switch to a certain picture mode for economical energy consumption.

The Mitsubishi LCD-40MXW300 will retail for about 160 000 Yens or 1195 EUROS.

(Source) Akihabara News