Mitsubishi Electric Announces Blu-ray Player for Cars

If you need to pimp your ride with a Blu-rau player then maybe you should head to Mitsubishi Electric. The company has created a player that’s just 1/3 of the size of regular players and it is available to use in any vehicle. The 1DIN is just a prototype now but it’s definitely the smallest player so far.

Mitsubishi Electric has a board density by 1.5 times and it has used some thinner mechanical parts to be able to make a Blu-ray player so small. The 1DIN is 50?178×180mm and it is compatible with any BD-ROM/BD-R and BD-RE discs. The player will rely on Linux and it will be installed in future cars as the navigation system.

The 1DIN is expected to arrive by March 2010 as a part of a new HD entertainment system for cars. No news on pricing for it yet.

via mitsubishi