Mirage omd15 speakers



The OMD15’s are an excellent all around speaker and are worth the heavy price tag. They provide enough power and sound depth that you can enjoy your favorite tunes without the need for a sub woofer. The speakers also offer superior imaging.

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Mirage OMD15 Speakers: Quality Sound Worth The Hefty Price Tag

A 2.5 way floor standing loudspeaker, utilizing OMNIPOLAR technology.

Seeing as how I have exhausted reviews on all of my own equipment, I felt that it was time to hit the shops in search of some new found perspective for the audio consumer.
I pulled out the ol’ reliable Big Yellow and found a nice audio shop in my new hometown. I hit the showroom staunchly maintaining the guise that I was looking to buy.

Since I was there to demo and review as opposed to shop for myself, I figured that I would shoot straight for some of the most expensive speakers in the place. In my opinion, $2500 is nearing the ceiling of what I could fathom paying for a set of speakers for a modest living room. Improvements can become negligible as you go up in price, so I can’t imagine spending too much beyond the 3G mark.

Right at this $2500 mark, The Mirage OMD 15’s are a new addition to the Mirage line. I was immediately attracted to the OMD 15 by its stellar looks (the High Gloss Rosewood Veneer is captivating) and odd-looking tweeter. Utilizing patented OMNIPOLAR design, the speaker is designed to broaden the soundstage and provide precise imaging. The tweeter is set on the top of the speaker at a slight angle, making the speaker a distinguishable shape. There are two mesh speaker grates, as opposed to the standard one.

My first listen to the speaker was a disappointment. I turned it on and it sounded rather unimpressive, the highs were flat and the overall sound quality did not seem to match its $2500 price. However, when I turned the volume dial up, I was immediately captured by the improved sound.

Like many speakers, the OMD’s needed to be fed some serious volume before offering full potential. The increased sound quality made available when adding a few volume bars was dramatic. Hard rock came through with depth and precision, the vocals sounded beautiful and very real. There was a warm presence, particularly in more mellow rock songs. I felt like I was 5th row, center stage at my own personal concert.

The speakers also possessed the ability to reproduce fuller, more accurate bass that less expensive speakers often need a sub for. In fact, in adding a sub to the 2 channel array, I didn’t notice much difference. These speakers definitely rocked the room with little need for help.

As far as higher frequencies went, the speakers reproduced with brilliance. Cymbals and jazz guitar sounded quite real. In multi-instrumental arrays, the separation and distinction among instruments was precise, allowing instrumental pieces to be fully appreciated. One thing that I did note is that higher, more nuanced instruments got lost in say a heavier rock song; they were overpowered by vocals and lower frequencies. However, this might have been more of a recording problem than an issue with the speaker.
As noted earlier, these speakers were designed to provide superior imaging. They didn’t fail in this regard.

The soundstage created by the speakers was genuine and dramatic, and you could definitely notice the placement of instruments. I’d say the speakers provided some of the most superior imaging that I’ve ever listened to.

Another advantage was that the speaker utilizes a downward bass portal, located at the bottom of the speaker. Unlike many speakers that have such portals on the back and require a wall within close range for proper resonation, the OMD’s are easier to place as they do not need a wall. The speakers were also relatively small and sleek, given their big, rich sound. They are not a huge, space-devouring monstrosity in your living room.

Overall, I have a very high opinion of the Mirage OMD 15. Although I went into the store believing these speakers did not warrant the hefty price tag, I left with a new appreciation of what that extra money can provide in terms of sound. If you want an attractive, modest-sized speaker that performs well beyond its size, the OMD 15 is worth a listen. Despite the fact that I went to the shop to review, these speakers might just find their way onto my list of things to buy.

Technical Info:

Recommended Amplifies Power:25-250 Watts (unclipped)

Impedance: 6 Ohms Nominal / 4 Ohms Minimum

Frequency Response: 33 Hz – 20 kHz

Sensitivity: 91 dB

Crossover Points: 1.5 kHz and 2.3 kHz

Tweeter: 1" Pure Titanium Hybrid Dome Tweeter

Midbass: 5.5" Poly Titanium Deposit Hybrid Midbass Driver, 5.5" Passive Radiator

Woofer: 5.5" Poly Titanium Deposit Hybrid with Down-Firing Port

Dimensions (H x W x D) inches:40.08 x 8.66 x 12.25

Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 101.8 x 22.0 x 31.2

Weight: 35 lb / 15.88 kg

Finishes: High Gloss Black; High Gloss Rosewood

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