Mint V10 pocket projector Price Update


Seeing the curiosity of the consumers to know about the price of the recently released Mint V10 pocket projector, Aiptek has finally announced its price. Mint V10 pocket projector will soon be available in retail outlets nationwide from September at a price of $649.

Measuring 124 x 55 x 23mm, this new projector enables a cell phone-sized device to project a large image onto a wall. Exhibited at the Computex 2008, this new projector from Aiptek Company supports 3M’s miniature projection technology. It incorporates a built-in camera and is capable of projecting up to 50-inches.

Mint V10 pocket projector comes fitted with the built-in battery system. It supports various file formats like JPEG, ASF, AVI and MPEG-4. This compact device can display videos and photos input via a 3-in-01 AV jack on its 1GB internal memory or SD/ MMC/ MS Pro Card.