Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Arriving Soon?

If you own one of those Apple notebooks that have a Mini DisplayPort then stick to it. An adapter from Mini DisplayPort to HDMI should be released soon by Monoprice, a discount cable outlet. The adapter will cost $14.25 and it will start selling on March 15th. Besides this one, two other adapters are going to arrive on the same date to help you transfer that Mini DisplayPort signal to DVI or VGA.

Apple doesn’t have an own adapter ready to offer you HDMI connectivity although it does have MiniDisplayPort to VGA or DVI which cost both $29.
Will Apple offer better solutions to movie lovers when it comes to HDMI connectivity? We’re a long way from a new line of Apple Macs to arrive so you’ll just have to make do with that HDMI adapter coming next month.

via monoprice