Mimo 720-F Flex Screen Touchscreen LCD Monitor

Mimo 720-F Flex Screen Touchscreen LCD Monitor On special request by Mimo customers for an easily mountable touchscreen monitor, Mimomonitors.com has announced the new 720-F flex screen touchscreen LCD monitor. It is a USB-driven 7-inch monitor based on the popular Mimo Mobile Slider series.

The 720-F monitor comes with a VESA 75 Standard-compatible back bracket and four screws. It can be easily mounted on wall brackets and comes with adjustable arm brackets, auto seats and dashboards. The monitor boasts 800×480 resolution, 350 cd/m2 brightness and 400:1 contrast. Besides, you will just need a single USB 2.0 connection for both power and connectivity. Right from home to retail, desktop to commercial uses, the monitor can be mounted in a variety of spaces.

You can get the Mimo 720-F flex screen touchscreen monitor at $199.00.