Mikey iPod Recorder is Best In Technology

Blue Microphones was adjudged as the Best New Technology Award at RetailVision 2009 from Everything Channel. The awards are a proven springboard to increased brand awareness and product credibility in the consumer retail channel.

Blue Microphones showcased their latest innovative consumer products at RetailVision 2009 – the Mikey, a portable iPod recorder microphone, and the Eyeball, an HD audio, portable Webcam. Nominated by the attendees at the event, Blue Microphones received the Best New Technology award.

Mikey is a plug-and-play CD-quality microphone for the iPod that makes recording lectures, voice notes, live music and interviews simple from any angle. Mikey’s adjustable recording sensitivity allows you to crisply capture anything from a pin drop to a rock concert. Recordings are easily synced through iTunes for easy editing, posting on the Web, or sharing with others. Instantly compatible with the iPod 5G, iPod Classic and iPod Nano 2G, 3G and 4G, you can record your world with Mikey.

Eyeball is the world’s first USB Webcam to deliver CD-quality audio and outstanding HD quality video, making it perfect for instant messaging and video conferencing. Eyeball features Blue’s superior quality condenser capsule, a camera-off privacy position with an innovative lens that pops-in and out to prevent accidental broadcasts, a unique, highly-portable design, and driverless, plug-and-play installation on Windows or Mac.

The “Best of RetailVision Awards” are voted on by the over 150 attending retail executives who represent 100 retail chains in the United States, Canada and Latin America who buy over $60 billion worth of products each year. After two days of boardroom presentations and one-on-one meetings, the retailers vote on the products and services presented at the show.

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