MIDEM 2005: Sonopress to Feature DualDisc and Archiving Service

MIDEM 2005: Sonopress is launching DualDisc, ‘8cm DVD’ and its new Digital Archiving and Encoding Service to the music world. This new storage and distribution package enables audio labels to supply their titles to all online distribution platforms worldwide, in any required format. Using the central storage facilities of the Sonopress media archive, the new service is both fast and cost-effective.

This central media storage already has a capacity of more than 60 TByte (or more than 80,000 music albums and audio books) and is constantly growing in tune to the increasing demands of the international music industry.

Backed up by the technical expertise of the Sonopress sound studios, the service package can also include on-demand sound processing, as well as the restoration of recordings prior to distribution.

‘8cm DVD’

Responding to industry demand, Sonopress is launching a new ‘8cm DVD’ at this year’s Midem. With a data capacity of 2.66 GB, it offers enough storage space for 50 minutes of film. Produced to DVD Consortium specifications, it is guaranteed to be playable on all DVD players and drives. Sonopress believes potential applications for these small data carriers will include their use for music video clips, promotional music, video materials and possibly music video singles as well.


The Sonopress team at Midem 2005 will be presenting a full range of their innovative products and services on stand 13.17. They will be specially featuring the DualDisc, and visitors will be able to learn about its production details, full specifications and examples of its applications. DualDisc is a hybrid combination of CD and DVD – one side contains music and can be played like an audio CD, the other side can also contain film and music and can be played like a DVD.