MicroTuner MT2063 Worlds First Low-Power Universal Tuner Chip


Microtune Inc. has recently expanded its line of tuners with an optimized tuner capable meeting multiple TV reception standards across worldwide markets. The new tuner from Microtune brings in the low-power consumption and superior multi-standard TV receiver performance to standard consumer devices like display TVs, portable devices and PC-TV products.Known as the only low-power 1 GHz tuner chip, MicroTuner MT2063 is designed to exceed the expected performance defined by analog and digital TV standards across Europe, U.S. and China. It has the capability to meet all relevant radio frequency performance requirements and can support both terrestrial and cable broadcast transmission.

“It combines excellent digital TV reception with lower power to yield significant price/performance benefits, enabling manufacturers to drive digital TV capability into new classes of products. The MT2063 adds to our family of tuners—ranging from those that offer standard-setting high performance to low-power consumption options—and enables us to offer customers a targeted RF solution for every class of platform and every kind of digital or hybrid TV application.” said James A. Fontaine, President and CEO of Microtune.

Featuring low phase noise, high linearity and excellent image rejection, MT2063 tuner delivers clear picture quality for analog TV reception under difficult receiving conditions. It has been especially characterized by a high level of integration like first intermediate frequency filter, reducing components and fully integrated gain control.

MicroTuner MT2063 is available for sampling at a price of $ 3.50 in high volume. Its initial production will start somewhere in the second quarter of 2008.