Microsofts First wireless SideWinder mouse

Recently, Microsoft Corp., unveiled its new First wireless SideWinder Mouse. With its 2.4 GHz wireless connection, this new mouse has been especially designed for lag free play. Featuring an innovative play and charge system, this SideWinder X8 Mouse ensures a nonstop gaming experience for up to 30 hours.

“When conducting our research, we found room for improving on the wireless experience for gamers, especially as it related to perceived delay or lag time of response. The SideWinder X8 Mouse will put those wireless gaming mouse fears to rest,” said Bill Jukes, product-marketing manager for Microsoft Hardware. “We designed this mouse to perform to the highest gaming standards — with near-zero latency, uninterrupted gameplay and the world’s most advanced tracking with BlueTrack Technology.”

The new SideWinder X8 Mouse incorporates a combination of BlueTrack Technology tracking that is known to provide the best speeds and feeds. Its comfortable design and better feel make it perfect for use. Sony Ericsson’s SideWinder X8 Mouse will be out for sale in February 2009 at an estimated price of $ 99.95.

Via: Microsoft