Microsoft unveils SideWinder Mouse


Microsoft unveils its SideWinder the first gaming mouse at the Games Convention in Leipzig Germany. The new mouse reinforces popular SideWinder line of gaming peripherals established in 1995. The company will begin shipping Microsoft SideWinder Mouse from October 2007 for an estimated retail price of $79.95. It would be correct to call the SideWinder Mouse a gaming system because of its three innovative features. It is the first gaming mouse with an LCD allowing the gamers keep track of key gaming actions.

“Great games on Windows(R) deserve great controllers, and the new Sidewinder Mouse delivers,” said Kevin Unangst, director of Games for Windows at Microsoft. “The SideWinder Mouse is an ideal companion for every game, from your favorite PC classics to the upcoming releases ‘Crysis,’ ‘Hellgate: London,’ ‘World in Conflict’ and more.”

The SideWinder mouse is endowed with a unique cable management system that offers the feel of a wireless mouse with the connection speed of a wired mouse by holding the extra cable and preventing it from getting caught on other items on the desk. The new Quick-Launch button ties hardware and software together. Pressing it from Windows Vista will bring up the Windows Vista Games Explorer so gamers can instantly see the games available in their PC’s game library.