Microsoft Looking to Enter Movie Streaming Service with Ventura?

There are many different ways for a consumer to get their media be it physical or digital. However, in recent times, streaming movie services like Netflix have been gaining a lot of popularity due to the fact that they let consumers quickly and easy consume media without requiring them to leave their couch. While Netflix is currently the leader, many different companies are coming forth to topple the company with recent reports saying Microsoft is getting into the mix with a platform of their own

While the company currently offers movies through their Zune service, reports suggest that Microsoft will be announcing another service dubbed Ventura that will focus on cloud-based both in terms of music and movies. However, instead of being a service the general consensus is that this will be an actual cloud-based platform that will compete with the likes of Google TV and Apple TV. Of course, until someone officially involved with the matter comes forth to speak more we won’

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