Micronas MicSidewinder(R) 2D-X

micronas_logo.jpgMicronas recently unveiled the MicSidewinder(R) 2D-X, a dual-tuner DVB-S2 PCI Express(R) card reference design which will complement home theatre setups seamlessly according to the company. Each channel would sport a DVB-S2 standard enabling full HDTV quality and the legacy DVB-S standard for SDTV.

“MicSidewinder 2D-X complements our series of reference designs for PCIe tuner cards based on Micronas nGene(R) APB 7202A PCI Express controller, a technology that ensures users will always enjoy the best TV entertainment available on their PCs,” says Kai Scheffer, Media Home at Micronas. “DVB-S2 means HDTV quality is not only possible, but affordable in PC-TV systems, and the results are impressive.”