Michael Bay Speaks on Theaters Dimming Projectors

With so many different ways to consume digital content it’s almost becoming completely unnecessary to leave the house for entertainment purposes. However, if you’re looking to check out the latest big budget movies you’re going to have to head to your local cinema.

As you may or may not know the cinema industry is hurting just like everyone else but even more so due to rampant Internet piracy. Due to this, they have been looking to do what they can in order to cut costs and stretch their budget ever further. One way of doing this is to dim projectors in order to save not only energy but to increase the projector bulb’s life as well. While this isn’t exactly the most noticeable thing in the world the problem comes when watching 3D movies as wearing 3D glasses already dims the lights.

We haven’t heard too much about this problem but it seems to be widespread enough that Transformers director Michael Bay has come forth to speak on the matter telling cinemas to cease doing this. He then goes on to explain that the latest Transformers flick, Dark of the Moon, has extremely technical 3D shots that require the highest quality projectors. For such shot, a dimmed projector just won’t do. If you think your local cinema is dimming the projector be sure to complain to the management and tell them you’re looking to get your moneys worth.